Faster College Application Reviews

Digital sharing of college applications is enabling college admissions departments to share the work of the initial application review (formerly done by one Admissions officer) before recommending applicants for full committee review. This new review process is meant to save department time spent on processing all of their college applications each year. published the article "The New Way Colleges Review Applications" on June 12, 2017, about a few colleges’ new application review approach.
How does "committee-based initial review" affect current high school students applying to colleges? Some believe that this will enable more objectivity with focus in the initial review on students’ grades & choice of curriculum vs. what the high school offered, to reduce socioeconomic bias. Others believe that this can be more-effectively accomplished with Artificial Intelligence (AI) by eliminating the human factor in initial college application review — but this costs college investment in technology, therefore, increased costs.
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