Overview of Services

Overview of Services

College Roadmaps for Both Parents and Students

Taking the necessary steps for higher education can be a scary thing for both parents and students. Let us help you plan and develop a college roadmap to help alleviate the stress of the inevitable roadblocks along the way.


As parents, your plate may already be full. For most parents, making the time to figure out what they need to know to help plan and pay for college is both overwhelming and time consuming. Wondering “How can I afford this?” can also be a huge burden. There is a lot of conflicting information available so how do you know the approach that is right for your family?


As students, you are overwhelmed with figuring out life’s big questions such as “What do you want to be when you grow up? ” You’re trying to figure out what career, what major and which schools are the right fit for your goals and your budget. In addition, you also need to fill out applications, write the dreaded essays and figure out how to make your application and essay stand out from all of the rest of them.

Why Consider Our Services?

If you want to save time, save money and figure out the right plan for your family, without having to do all of the research on your own, we can help! Based on our experience, we can help you avoid costly mistakes, provide access to student services by college admissions experts and remind you of important deadlines to help you feel confident that you are making the right choices at the right time.

Many parents have the same questions

There is so much to know, where do I start?

I see conflicting information, so how do I know what is best for my family?

How does financial aid really work?

How much should I expect to pay out of my own pocket?

How can you make this college process easier on our family?

We Can Help In More Ways Than One

We offer a variety of services to help you understand how the college process works and guide you every step of the way. We offer services to help the student get clarity and gain a competitive edge. And we help parents better understand how their family can plan and pay for college.

Student Assessment and Prep Services

We offer a variety of services to help your student get the clarity needed to create the right game plan for their future. These services are more student-focused.

Planning for College

We help you determine your expected family contribution (EFC), determine your eligibility for merit-based scholarships offered by the schools, determine the parent versus student contributions and then assist in creating a refined and personalized list of the top target colleges for your student.

Paying for College

There are many ways to pay for college. We’ll help you understand the pros and cons of different approaches to help you determine the right approach for your family.

Family Aid for Financial Aid

We will make sure you have the best shot at the most aid from each school and assess if they have given you a fair offer.

Learn About Our Workshops

Don't know where to start? In our workshops, we reveal facts to help you to effectively navigate the college planning process

and provide  strategies on how to pay for college in the most cost effective manner.