Host A Workshop

Host A Workshop

Want to help your family and friends learn how they can put their students through college, without going broke?

You invite the group and we’ll share a workshop lead by a college planning and funding expert.

Over the years, we’ve had clients and community leaders who have asked us to put together a workshop, so they could share our information with friends and family to help them navigate this process. As a result, we put together 4 types of workshops: Public Community Workshops, Private Community Workshops, Corporate Workshops and Fundraising Group Workshops.

Based on the type of workshop requested, we provide a workshop that is relevant to your needs. We can customize the content based on the type of group, age of the parent’s students, as well as the size of the group.

You promote your workshop and we put together the right workshop for your group's needs. Learn more about how we make it easy for you to help your friends and family.

We Offer 4 Different Types of Workshops

Private Community Workshops

Many groups look for speakers for their community based private events including:

Chamber of Commerce Events (for Members)

Home schooling groups

Mom Groups


Public Community Workshops

Many groups look for speakers for their community based public events including:


Park Districts

Religious Groups

Schools (Elementary, Junior High and High Schools)

School related groups such as PTA (Parent Teacher Associations)

Corporate Workshops

Many businesses are looking for ways to provide more value for their employees, without breaking the bank. Here is an opportunity to offer this training for your employees with college bound students.

Free breakfast for your employees as they learn

Free "lunch and learn" for your employees

Offer our services to your employees as a benefit

Helps to reduce employee stress

Fundraising Groups Workshops

Need to raise money for your student focused organization and want to also help your group learn about college planning and funding? For every family unit that attends your event, we can donate dollars to your cause! 

Booster Clubs

Traveling teams

Choir Groups/Performing Arts

Scouts of America

Charities relating to charities