Financial Aid

Financial Aid

College Financial Aid: Planning - Assessment - Review - Appeal

There are college financial aid considerations throughout the college planning and funding process. Now we’ll take a moment to focus on the different aspects of college financial aid. Some factors are considered while your student is a sophomore/junior in high school, some are considered while in college and some after your student graduates from college. Make sure you have the best shot at the most aid from each school and evaluate if they have given you their best offer. We offer family aid for financial aid.

Many families have questions about the financial aid process

We can arm you with the facts about financial aid to help you make the right choices for your family.

  • How

    How does financial aid work?

  • What

    What kind of financial aid can I consider to help my family pay for college?

  • When

    When do they start looking at my finances to determine Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?

  • Where

    Where do they look to determine if I make too much money to get financial aid?

  • How

    How do I know if I got a fair financial aid offer from a prospective school?

  • Who

    Who can I talk to if I want to appeal the financial aid offer detailed in the award letter?

Bonus Offer

Complete the FAFSA related forms for you!

As a free bonus for our clients, we can complete the FAFSA and other financial aid forms for you. Although the FAFSA forms are a bit easier than they were in the past, the CSS Profile form is still quite lengthy and involved. Once you ensure that we have the needed information, you can save yourself the time required to fill these out correctly.

Since your financial situation changes, it is required that you submit your financial aid forms each year. We are happy to work with you to continuously complete those forms and save you the time.

How can we help you with college financial aid related needs?

We will help you review how the financial aid formula affects your ability to receive financial aid and much more.

  • Provide

    Provide protection from being overlooked for grants, scholarships or loans due to mistakes in your financial aid forms

  • Share

    Share recommendations to reduce your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

  • Review

    Review your financial aid award letter to help you determine if you received a fair offer

College graduate who benefited from financial aid
  • Provide

    Provide tested appeal letters if you were under-awarded

  • Assist

    Assist you in completing student loan and/or parent loan applications

  • Advise

    Advise if student loans, Grad PLUS loans (previously called Stafford loans) and/or the Parent PLUS loans are good options for you - or if better alternatives are available to you

Learn About Our Workshops

Don't know where to start? In our workshops, we reveal facts to help you to effectively navigate the college planning process

and provide  strategies on how to pay for college in the most cost effective manner.