Give Them The Future They Deserve

We help families do everything necessary to lower college costs

Give Them The Future They Deserve

We help families do everything necessary to lower college costs

College Planning and Funding Services - Simplified for You

The sky-rocketing costs of attending college, not just the best colleges, but any of them, are causing many families to feel like it will be impossible to help their children graduate with a degree. So more and more families and students are applying for student loans and using financial aid. In fact, student loan debt is not only at an all-time high, it has recently become the 2nd largest household debt in the U.S., behind home mortgages.

As a result, many parents now find themselves having to decide between saving for their children’s college education or saving for retirement. Therefore, financial aid becomes the main method of paying for college. But financial aid comes with a price, and federal student loans and federal Parent Plus Loans are the type of debt that can haunt a person for decades to come, especially if they don’t have a plan to pay them off.

So what is a family to do? Is it possible for parents to help their children pay for college without completely breaking the bank?

Our college planning and funding services can make this process both effective and easier on you!

College Funding and Planning Services

CFAST, LLC makes sure that a family’s educational opportunities are realized. We are the one-stop shop for helping parents and students successfully navigate through the college-planning maze. We specialize in late-stage college funding for families in the Chicagoland area. We know the in's and out's of what it takes to plan for college, from picking the right schools – to paying for them. Our dedicated team works with you to personalize a plan that meets your college goals, while lowering your out-of-pocket expenses.

Free Workshops

Learn about the different ways to afford the best colleges for your child.  We dispel common college myths and help you see how you can put your student through college, without going broke.


CFAST, LLC is partnered with the College Planning Network. We’ve helped thousands of parents navigate their way through the complicated financial aid maze while offering college planning and funding services.

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Headshot of Christine S. for testimonial

As a single parent, I was very overwhelmed with the project of helping my daughter find, select, apply and begin her college experience. My daughter never thought she would be able to attend a private University but I am happy to report she is finishing her Freshman year at Valparaiso University and she has had a marvelous Freshman year experience. Carina, Rodney and CFAST helped make everything happen. One time during the process I was hit with some unexpected financial situations and CFAST helped me navigate the details enabling me to address the situation without a significant impact my daughter’s financial aid and reward package. I can only say positive things about this process and I am 100% satisfied with this program.

Christine S.

Hoffman Estates, IL

Headshot of Dave Winters for client testimonial

"After attending CFAST’s free College Funding seminar, we took advantage of their free personal consultation where Rodney came over and assessed our family’s situation. I was surprised and pleased to find out a professional service like this existed. Let alone the fact that they will be there for me throughout the entire process, from helping us pick the best school for my children to determining the best way for us to pay for college."

David Winters

Bartlett, IL

Headshot of Jon and Vicky for client testimonial

Rodney took the time to explain all options for us. CFAST offers various services for your student to tap into such as practicing oral interview questions, assistance with writing admission essays, school options, statistics on ACT scores and assistance with how to prepare for taking ACT, sending e-mail reminders to students once a week on how to get the most from their college experience, assisting with FAFSA form completion, talking with other parents on how they went through the process of college and all that goes with it, etc. All those services were great to use and certainly easy to use on-line or simply by speaking with a CFAST associate.

Maureen & Ken W.

Elgin, IL

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