Student's Assessment & Prep Services

Student's Assessment
Prep Services

Services that Focus on Your Student's Needs

We offer a variety of services to help your student gain the clarity needed to create the right game plan for their future.

Many families come to us with questions such as:

What should I be doing each year? (i.e. freshman year vs sophomore year...)

Can you help me prepare for ACT tests and SAT tests?

What should I major in?

I know my major but what type of career/job will that lead to?

I know my major and career interests, but what type of income will that relate to?

What do college admissions counselors look for in my essay?

How can I stand out in the admissions process?

Test Prep Online Courses

SAT Test Prep/Practice Workbooks

ACT Test Prep/Practice Workbooks

If you want to avoid having your student be in college longer than necessary and you want to know that you are giving them the right guidance, without the overwhelm, we can help!

Having these resources and mentoring readily available helps reduce a student's anxiety

Help student's get the clarity needed to pick the right major/school/career the first time

Help your student accomplish their goals in the least amount of time, which will save you money

Student's Assessment

Exploring this early in the process reduces the likelihood of needing to change majors, taking longer to graduate, and costing you more money.

Career Matching Assessment

This assessment helps the student choose the right major/career/college, the first time around.

We offer a variety of services to help students evaluate their likes/dislikes and skills to see if their desired field is in line with their strengths.

Improve Study Habits

Students are also invited to take training to help them identify their learning styles to discover how they learn/retain information & find tips on how to improve their study habits.

Student Prep

Personalized Student Interviews

Students can schedule two personal and private one-on-one mentoring sessions with a NACAC Certified College Counselor to discuss a variety of topics. Many of these counselors are or have been admission officers at major universities across the nation.

This may include:

Assistance selecting a major, career or college

Mock admissions interviews

Assistance creating target list of schools

Admissions application review

Admission essay review

Student/Parent Q&A interview

Summary of the interview and recommendations for the student for future reference

Test Prep - Online Courses

SAT Test Prep/Practice Workbooks

ACT Test Prep/Practice Workbooks

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Learn About Our Workshops

Don't know where to start? In our workshops, we reveal facts to help you to effectively navigate the college planning process

and provide  strategies on how to pay for college in the most cost effective manner.