Students can start getting ready for college at any grade. The College Board gives the following tips:
1 – Read at least 30 minutes every day in addition to homework. You’ll learn more and be prepared for college admission tests with timed reading sections.
2 – Join groups or clubs that you are passionate about, such as, sports, music, community organizations. This shows colleges that you can make/keep a commitment, while learning more on a topic or skill.
3 – Work with your family on college planning, even if they have not attended college. Parents, teachers and school counselors know you and can help you with decisions.
4 – Find a mentor, someone you trust that you can talk to for support, information and advice to accomplish your life goals.
5 – Ask for help if you are having trouble with schoolwork, assistance is always available.
6 – Take college-level courses when you can, that will challenge you and could give you college credit, like Advanced Placement classes.
7 – Start practicing for college entrance exams, like the PSAT, SAT and ACT, to increase your scores and scholarship potential.
8 – Talk to people about college admission, academics and college life, who know about what you are interested in, like college students, teachers, school counselors and college professors.
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