Understanding College Financial Aid

Colleges put together student financial aid packages based on the information that you and your parents provide on the FAFSA and college application. There are many types of financial aid, including grants, scholarships and loans, to pay for college.
Both grants and scholarships are considered free money, meaning they typically do not have to be repaid. Grant aid, such as the federal Pell Grant, can come from federal and state government agencies, as well as, from individual colleges. Scholarships are usually awarded based on merit or special circumstances.
If your school of choice offers you a financial aid package that does not meet the total cost of education, you can contact them for more aid, explain your situation, and why you need additional funding to enable you to attend the school. Colleges require additional forms and documentation submission to appeal their financial aid process, CFAST specializes in assisting you in this process.
If a student is attractive to a college – whether it’s because of grades, athletic performance, or talents – many college financial aid offices will try to assist with a more competitive package. CFAST has expertise and experience and can assist and walk you through the process with proven techniques for improving your aid package.
CFAST has helped many students and parents afford college in Illinois. Attend one of our free seminars to learn more.